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What is a Personal Injury

Legal Services From an Experienced Attorney Matters

Everything that happens from how an injury occurred, where it occurred, the injury itself, to who is at fault, to when and how you seek medical care and or even to when you notify others about the injury could all make a difference in how your individual personal injury claim may be handled.  


At the Injury and Disability Law Center, we understand that each case is different. Some cases can be settled quickly while some can take years depending on the medical needs and potential benefits needed for future care. We also know that sometimes your case needs to be taken to trial when the other side is not reasonable.  


Don’t let the insurance company tell you “soft tissue” injuries and “low impact” auto accidents are not worth anything.  


You want an experienced attorney with a professional and compassionate staff working for you. Knowing the right questions to ask and or the right direction to take your claim could make a big difference in your medical care and your settlement.  


The legal team of the Injury and Disability Law Center includes:


 • Lead attorney has more than 25 years experience

 • Former workers’ compensation claims adjuster

 • Former insurance defense attorney

 • Former judge pro-tem

Don't Let a Personal Injury Wreck Your Life

Personal injury claims can be very complex and depend on the negligence or intent of the responsible party.  Injuries and exposure claims can come in all sizes. The more common “personal injuries” are car accidents, dog bites and slips and falls.


If you have been injured or become ill due to another person’s carelessness or purposeful act, you have the legal right to hire an attorney who will fight for your rights.


Proving negligence and maximizing your settlement is why you want to hire the Injury and Disability Law Center to represent you.      


Here are just some examples of INJURIES and EXPOSURES:


 • Trip, slip and or fall

 • Dog bite

 • Auto accident

 • Product liability

 • Exposure and or industrial disease liability

 • Property / Premise liability

 • Work place violence injuries

 • Hearing loss, eye injury or vision impairment

 • Heart Attacks or Cancers

 • Accidental or wrongful death



Why You Should obtain IDLC As Your Legal Consel

You have a right to obtain your own legal representation to ensure someone is looking out for you and your rights: It levels the playing field.  When you retain the Injury and Disability Law Center for your personal injury claim we will work with to identify all potential defendants and attempt to maximize settlements.  


Here are just some potential CLAIM and RECOVERY OPTIONS available:


 • Medical care

 • Temporary and or possible permanent disability benefits

 • Lost wages (including possible loss of future earnings)

 • Loss of consortium (compensation for your spouse even if they were not in the accident)

 • Property damage repair and or replacement (get your car fixed)

 • Expenses related to claim including out-of-pocket costs

 • Potential multi-party claims including identifying other negligent parties (the ither driver’s employer, the designer of the roadway or parking lot, the manufacturer of the car/air bag/brake, etc…)

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Making informed decisions about your health and well-being is very important to us.  That’s why it’s important to call the Injury and Disability Law Center today for a free consultation.


Here’s why you should call the Injury and Disability Law Center today:


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 • No recovery / no fee

 • We work with you to maximize your settlement

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